About Us


Autumn and Blues is a collective boutique offering clothing, gifts, art, and coffee. We are committed to bringing the joy back to in-person shopping. Come in for personal styling assistance, enjoy a latte and shop from woman owned local businesses.

Our beginning: 

This boutique was once home to a local family who raised their six kids here. We bought the property and started the remodel to transform the space into what you see today. It is amazing to see the outcome of all of our hard work. We pretty much gutted the entire building and replaced everything to make it modern and up-to-date. We tore down walls, ripped up flooring, and painted everything.  




For the people who love coffee just as much as shopping, we have you covered. While shopping around don't be shy and ask for a latte to curb your caffeine craving. We have a coffee bar right inside the store with fresh made-to-order coffee from Kaldi's. It'll taste great and give you the energy you need for your shopping trip.